Being silent I usually am.


Being silent I usually am. I even tend to turn  around and walk away.

There is no idea to discuss. Arguments and facts does not bite on those who claim that homosexuality is sick and disgusting. Those who say that muslims are taking over in Sweden are so adamant as only stupidity can be. Those who say that the refugees should be helped on site and not be joined with us. And that all beggers are criminals and prostitutes they know for sure.

This is said with great conviction.

Is this my country? Can such things be said nowadays? Yes, of course we can speak, write and put up posters. Our freedom of expression guarantees that.


Now we have become more and more people, who no longer want to keep quiet and go away when the firms puts out the text. From now on we will be heard. We are many and we want to promote that the humanism and humanity, in a very dark and difficult time, should reach daylight. ​​

(Ref Kerstin Ekman,författare)


Now is the time to step away from all forms of hatred, threats and racism. Around equal value of all people there is no room for compromise.

From 6 September 2015, anyone that no longer want to remain silent can show that they share their humanity with others.





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